Speed test Vodafone

Vodafone is currently one of the most important telecommunication companies worldwide. Vodafone’s headquarters is located in the UK, and has over 250 millions subscribers across 28 countries.
Like all telecommunication multinational, Vodafone has also specialized in providing internet broadband services, thus becoming one of the largest ADSL providers in Europe.
Vodafone has different ADSL offers, and also provides mobile broadband services for laptops, and mobile internet for those who wish to surf the web on their mobile phones or devices.
Among ADSL services, we are offered several plans according to the customer needs. The basic ADSL plan provides 8 MBs of speed and free local calls at incredible prices. Moreover, customers have discount to mobiles, technical assistance and even a modem with a microphone.
What’s even more impressive is that the contract states a cloze which allows the customers to demand a refund in case the service is not working as he/she expected.
Even when all these services and additional benefits sound indeed amazing, we also have to hear what customers have to say about their services.
We have seen lots of customers complaining about certain connection related issues. These issues can be seen on several forums where user tell their experience and talk about possible causes. Though improper technical support can be ignored, most issues are related to constant disconnects or modem resets. Several users have made complaints regarding these interruptions in the service -mostly in mobile internet broadband- and sometimes it takes Vodafone a week to make the service operational again. For those who are doubtful about their actual transfer speed, it is recommended to run a speed test found on lots of websites throughout the web. This internet speed test will allow you to check the of your ADSL line and in matter of seconds it will show accurate data regarding your actual connection performance.
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