Speed test Virgin Media

Virgin Media is one of the largest leading internet service providers in the UK.
This company has reached a notorious degree of popularity across the UK territory by strictly fulfilling all the services stated in the contract.
In this way, Virgin Media managed to capture a great portion of the market by reaching almost 8 million customers.
Virgin Media has multiples plans and special offers for their customers. There are two plans at affordable prices for ADSL users with additional benefits such as phone calls. In both broadband plans the speed offered is 8 MBs and the difference, but the first plan provides unlimited calls, whereas the second is limited during a specific timeline.
Leaving bundles aside, Virgin Media puts at customer’s disposal several ADSL services delivering greater speed at a high cost.
In spite of the quality of their services and the trust Virgin Media inspire to their customers, we have found several complaints mostly related connection slowdowns with no apparent reasons. These slowdowns occur randomly and quite often. This causes the connection to malfunction and downloads to perform below the stated average speed of 8MBs. For those customers hesitant about their actual transfer speed and overall connection performance, it is recommended to run a speed test found on lots of websites throughout the web.
Still, it’s important to mention that not all problems are ISP related, they can also occur when having issues with our PCs, such as viruses, Trojans or background P2P application that we are not aware of.
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