Speed test Orange

Orange, owned by France Télécom, is one of the leading ADSL internet service providers in the UK and the second largest telecommunications company across the European continent. More than 14 million people have becomes Orange customers thanks to the variety of services it offers, combined with bundles which add different services at affordable prices. Orange UK currently offers two mobile phone packages; pay as you go and pay monthly service plans. As with other prepaid plans, pay as you go mobile users are given the option to top-up their phone via a swipe card, over the internet or via a credit or debit card. The pay monthly service gives customers an option of 12, 18 or 24 month contracts. Also, Orange offers triple-play services converging mobile, landline and DSL broadband. Orange UK on its highest broadband service offers a Livebox which integrates VoIP technology as well as Wi-Fi.
Although Orange provides several DSL broadband plans, the speed delivered to customers hardly reached the one stated in the contract.
These issues can be seen on several forums where user tell their experience and talk about possible causes. Still, it’s important to mention that not all problems are ISP related, they can also occur when having issues with our PCs, such as viruses, Trojans or background P2P application that we are not aware of.
Whatever the reason is, it is recommended to run a speed test found on lots of websites throughout the web. This internet speed test will allow you to check the of your ADSL line and in matter of seconds it will show accurate data regarding your actual connection performance.
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